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We carry out all repairs, big or small, in a timely and efficient manner and use various diagnostic tools to investigate any warning lights you may have illuminated. We only proceed with repairs once authorised so you will not have any unexpected costs along the way.

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We can help to fix your vehicle.


From simply resetting a service reminder to investigating an engine management warning lamp, our technicians use the latest diagnostics equipment to methodically diagnose any fault for all systems on your vehicle. We recommend you look into warning lights asap to avoid potential damage to your engine.


The legal limit for your tyre tread depths is 1.6mm, however we recommend replacing at 3mm. If you are unsure, please pop in for a fast and free tyre check. All tyre changes benefit from new valves and wheel balancing checks.


We cater for both types of refrigerant gas that your vehicle may require whether it be the R134a or the newer R1234yf type. We are able to carry out leak tests and diagnose and repair any problems your system may have.


Have you noticed your vehicle pulling to one side whilst driving? Or are your tyres wearing unevenly? If so, then your vehicle needs a wheel alignment assessment. Our 3D camera wheel alignment technology allows us to measure and adjust your wheel alignment in accordance with manufacturers specifications and the initial check/report is totally free! Once we have completed the check we will present you with a print-out of the report and, if adjustments are necessary, a quotation to carry out the adjustments. Upon completion of the adjustments, a second report will then be generated so you can clearly see the improvements made.

What an excellent place. Car MOT done, previous repairs and services. Always completed to a very high standard at a very reasonable price. Staff are always very welcoming and informative. I would highly recommend Marks for any vehicle related repairs and services as well as their high standard transport services. Thank you.

Patric, 2020

Friendly service, good honest garage, free coffee, thanks!

Terry, 2020